Utah Community Preservation Scholarships

Preservation Utah, in collaboration with the Utah Division of State History continues the Utah Community Preservation Scholarships program.

Our interest is in providing locally-based professional development that best addresses a local community’s needs. Therefore, we are providing scholarships to attend conferences, trainings, workshops, and professional development opportunities in Utah that are determined by you to best suit your community’s needs.


Who is eligible to receive funds?

Scholarships are available to people that meet the criteria in one of the following groups:

A) Persons of a municipality (city or county) that is or has been a Certified Local Government (CLG) that meets one of the following criteria:

  • you are a municipal employee that directly works with historic buildings,
  • you are an elected official of a municipality,
  • you are an appointed commissioner/committee member that works directly with historic buildings (such as historic landmarks commission, planning commission, or board of adjustment).

B) Persons that are employees and/or volunteers of non-profit organizations that include historic preservation as their mission.

How much funding is available?

Up to $500 per person until all funds are expended. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year, however, scholarships are available on a first come-first served basis. Applicants are eligible for one scholarship per year.

Each organization may use up to three scholarships per year. For example, three people from Park City Municipal Corp could apply and in addition three people from the Park City Historical Society and Museum could apply. Each applicant needs to submit their own application form. Funding is provided as a reimbursement, not as an advance. Scholarships cannot be provided to applicants that submit an application after the professional development opportunity has concluded.

What specifically are the funds to be used for?

Scholarships can be used for registration and accommodations. Scholarships cannot be used for transportation or per diem. In all cases, registration is required to attend.

What professional development opportunities are eligible for scholarships?

For 2018, the following opportunities are eligible:

Professional Development Opportunities chart 2018.1 Page 1

* For active hyperlinks for the opportunities listed above, please download the information sheet using the link at the top of the page.

Other options for scholarships will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, but must have a historic preservation component. Conferences, trainings and professional development outside of Utah are not eligible for scholarships. To have your proposal evaluated, either contact Liz Joerger at (801) 533-0858 ext. 107 or or complete the application and submit it for evaluation.

What is the process?

  • Determine the most appropriate professional development opportunity for you based on your role and community’s needs.
  • Access the application.
  • Complete and submit the application.
  • Receive approval email from Preservation Utah that also includes a blank final report survey.
  • Attend the professional development opportunity, saving receipts for your registration and accommodations.
  • Within thirty days of the opportunity’s conclusion, submit the final report survey and your receipts. In addition, submittal of receipt of registration and a W9 are required for reimbursement.
  • Receive email from Preservation Utah accepting your final report survey and receipts.
  • Receive reimbursement check from Preservation Utah within thirty days of final report survey and receipts being accepted.

Failure to follow this process will result in non-reimbursement.

Have questions?

Contact Liz Joerger at (801) 533-0858 ext. 107 or .